Low Pressure reading; also low salt reading

Tyrone Shuz

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Jun 2, 2007
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They may be related?

Pump and Skimmer baskets clear--no bubbles out of the return--I do the pressure gauge rotate--water comes out in about 1 second. Shut off the main drain still low pressure. There is a small occasional drip from the backwash line.

Aqua-Rite salt level reads 2300-2600--then I recalibrate doing the switch flip and it reads -3100. Drip tested and the lowest reading I got was 3200.

When pump was running 24/7 the salt readings were fine, but when I use the timer, I have to recalibrate every morning.

Is it possible my multi-port valve is malfunctioning and the low flow is messing with the SWG unit?


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May 3, 2014
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Does your SWCG completely power down when the pump is not running? It needs to be connected to the same timer as the pump.
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