Low Pressure on Filter


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Apr 27, 2020
Hi everyone -

My pressure has dropped quite a bit (normally 18 psi and is currently 12-13).

I backwashed without issue yesterday and pressure was fine. Cleaned out both skimmer baskets as well.

this am after testing my water, I cleaned out the skimmer in the pool again, and dropped my vacuum in to do its thing. I came back 3 hours later and there was a ton of debris on the pool surface. we had a lot of wind, and the skimmer basket was full again. I cleaned it out but am still getting very low pressure.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot? Details of my pool below in signature.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
If your filter pressure is dropping, you have a restriction on the suction side of the system.

Check your pump basket. If it is full, you may have to check the impeller. Turn off the pump at the circuit breaker before working on the pump.