Low ph, no chlorine, low CYA


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Aug 10, 2021
I really need some help. For some background information, I have had this 25,000 gallon in-ground chlorine pool with a sand filter for 8 years and I have never had any troubles. I keep the solar cover on, the pool is heated to 89 degrees, and we have not used it much this year so the cover has been on most of the time. I run my filter all the time and I use the floating chlorinators with the chlorine pucks.

This year I cannot maintain my pH or chlorine. I have been at 0 free chlorine and very low total chlorine. I also have had very low CYA, per the test strips. I have stabilized the total alkalinity. I have tried adding all the chemicals that the pool store told me to add and nothing really changed. So about a month ago, I drained about a foot and a half of water and refilled it with my well water.

This morning we put 6 pounds of shock in and this evening when I tested it we had 0 free chlorine and very low total chlorine.

I have been told that I might have too much CYA in the pool, but the test strip showed very little. Tonight i put a metal removing pouch in the pool skimmer per a new pool store recommendations. I do not understand how there is no chlorine 12 hours after shocking it.

Also, the water was clear on Saturday but cloudy on Sunday. I did not add any chemicals so I don't understand why it cloudy.

I would appreciate any explanations of what is happening and any recommendations for how to get my chemical right.

Thanks in advance.


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May 20, 2020
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