Low PH and High TA


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Jun 17, 2007
Wolverine Lake, MI
Hi All,

Just converted my pool last season from softswim to chlorine, took quite a while to get it to clear up and get rolling. I loved the chlorine last year never really had any issues. This year I can't keep my free Chlorine in the pool, yesterday i took pool water into Leslie's to get tested since I have been using test strips and have come to the conclusion there not to accurate. Water test results:
FC 1.5
TC 1.5
PH 7.1
TA 190
CH 340
CYA 60
TDS 900
No metals
No phosphates

I have an 18 ft round AG pool, I estimate it at 8000 gallons, I'm on well water here and that's what I filled it with. I didn't get the skimmer cover on tight last fall and lost quite a bit of water over the winter, estimate I added 2000 gallons. Water was green after the fill used Sea Kleer to remove metals and water cleared in a day and a half. started shocking the pool but never showed any FC in the morning. since last Sunday I've added 12 bags of shock and 3 gals of liquid chlorine and still no FC. Leslie's said TA to high and gave me powder acid to lower it and soda ash to raise PH after. recommended 10lbs of acid to lower TA put , I put in yesterday afternoon and checked later w/strips :roll: and seemed to be around 120 so I added soda ash last night and this morning my readings are

FC .5
TC 2.5
PH 6.8
TA 150/160

From reading in here I can live with the TA at 160 but I need to get the PH up without raising TA, I've been seeing people using the 20 mule borax to do this. What is the formula to add the borax and having reduced my TA will this help with my FC, I haven't add any chlorine since yesterday morning.

After typing this I think I'm more confused!

Thanks for any help and a Happy Father's day to all you fathers.


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Apr 22, 2007
At this point, yes it is more important to get your pH up. You can raise pH pretty quickly by just aerating your pool. Turn the pump on and run any water feature you may have, like a fountain or an aerator port, or turn a return nozzle up. Anything that will churn the water or make more bubbles and get more water exposed to the air will bring your pH up. Also, leave the cover off, if you are covering it nightly.

One of the members here rigged up an air compressor hose to stick into his water for aeration.

Otherwise, 20 Mule Team Borax can be added - half of a 76oz box should raise pH approx .6 ppm per 10K gallons of water.


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Apr 22, 2007
OMG! Jason, you are correct, I had a brain freeze, I guess. I have now edited my post to change TA to pH. Thank you, thank you, thank you for catching that.