Low Free Chlorine levels, low cya despite stabilizer (salt water system)?


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Jun 28, 2016
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I opened the pool for the year a few weeks ago. Still using the same intex salt water system (7000 gallon system) which appears to be working (i see bubbles, it runs 6 to 7 hours per day). I added salt to the pool, brought levels to around 2900 to 3000. When i opened the pool the water was green of course, so i dumped a ton of chlorox gallon jugs at first (6 or 7) then did a few more a few days later. The water is clear, ph normal, no issues there.

When i do the chlorine test using the kit powder and reagent, i end up with a level of about 2. I think it needs to be 5? I also added as I normally do each year, a sock full (softball size or so), of stabilizer (this brand).. its been hanging in the water for a good week.. still some left inside the sock. I tested the cya levels and it seems to be coming in around 30, i think its supposed to be around 60-80?

I'm not sure what i could be missing, or maybe the intex salt water device is just not working optimally.
Side question.. can having the eyeball aiming too close to the surface cause too much turn over on the surface to drop chlorine levels in that manner (you can see a bubble stream at the top of the water where the jet is coming out, but not too crazy).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions


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May 3, 2014
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Following the SLAM Process process is a little different than what you described. Would be best if you did that.

Have you added enough CYA to get to 60 ppm based on testing and only test at 30 ppm?


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Sep 23, 2015
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Pointing a return at the surface would not significantly affect chlorine loss, its more likely an active algae bloom. Clear water in its self is not a indicator that your pool is clear of an active algae bloom.

I would run another complete set of tests and then use PoolMath to adjust to the Recommended levels. I always use kitchen scales to measure out my dry chems. I think you need an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test.


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Jun 28, 2016
Pittsburgh, pa
Whats considered a normal chlorine loss overnight?

I did start to have algae (green) when the FC dropped below 1 i think. (i run the swg 7 hours of the day)
So the other day during rainy weather i put 5 large jugs of chlorox in the pool.
Tested the FC the next morning and it was 33 (super shocked yes).

Later in the day in evening(cloudy) it had dropped to 13.

Then this morning I checked the FC and the level is now at 11 (so overnight loss of 2).