Low flow Intex sand filter pump


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Jul 6, 2020
Hey guys, I have the Intex 12 in Krystal clear sand filter and separate saltwater system. The the equipment and pool is only a month old. I have very little pressure pumping back into my pool when in filter mode. When input it in recirculating it pumps like it should. It is not a backwashing issue which is what everyone says. The water is not dirty at all when I backwash and I've taken everything apart except for taking the sand out. So I've checked and cleaned everything besides actually taking the sand out. It is really frustrating me. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks


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May 9, 2019
I never got much flow from my intex pump, after a year it got warm and noisy so I replaced it. My new combo does a much better job and only runs 2 hours a day.


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Oct 20, 2017
South-Central WI
Did it originally flow fine? If so, what's the pressure gauge reading compared to what it did when it used to flow fine?

When you rinse after backwashing how does the flow to waste compare with that during backwashing?


Jun 30, 2020
Hate to say but my "new" intex pump was dead after only 1 season- I''ve had them along the way since having AGP's last 10 years but they've usually lasted 5+years. When I took Intex Pump to have checked, all said was "it's junk" and it was the second one he'd seen that day. I did call Intex re: warranty but got recording that they were not accepting calls. After researching and deciding not to replace with Intex pump, I bought a Harris 3/4hp pump:

It is by far, the best ever. I did use same intex sand filter and also purchased the Game brand connectors and a "T" connecter to adapt plumbing.
I'd planned on reinstalling my Hayward skimmer but since I net out every day, not sure I need it. Besides, I like the water level higher than with the skimmer. I did cut out liner for larger output line with turn off valve. Still need to figure using the vacuum on one of the two intakes- I've saved the various hoses/clamps over the years that helped- it's a Frankenstein pool for sure but just works and so clear and nice :)


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May 8, 2020
Dardenne Prairie, MO
When it is in recirculate, there is no back pressure against the pump. It's just pumping the water through the plumbing and back to the pool. When in filter mode, the pump has to force the water through the sand. It makes sense that it would flow less in filter mode.

Are you certain you have the correct volume of sand in the filter?