Low Cost Leaf Blocker


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Nov 22, 2019
Arlington, TX
THought I'd share my cheap quick solution to a problem last fall...Exsessive leaf fall getting into skimmer basket

My pool install was completed middle of last sept. Around October, as the leaves changes and prepared to fall, I realized with my small pool not having a bottom drain (I guess the current vogue with the lawsuits) that my skimmer could easily get clogged by leaves, possibly depriving my pump of water...had I thought of this issue in advance, I would have never used a single water pickup, I would have insisted on a pickup below the surface (I have to use a pump or downhill gravity suction to drain my pool)

And I didn't want my very busy wife to be tied down to the pool, cleaning the skimmer basket a dozen times a day during the Fall (I have leafy trees all around the pool)

So I needed a solution fast, as I was leaving town for a week the next morning...

Here is my 20-25 dollar soution. I attach it to my skimmer around the end of October and remove it when the leaves are down about 2 month later..

1 milkcrate (target/walmart 3 dollars?)
Hardware cloth (it is a roll of plastic gid with 1/2 inch squares- $10 home depot)
Zip ties to attach hardware cloth to the inside of the milkcrate $1
PVC pipe and fittings maybe 5-6 dollars
Small bungee to attach to my skimmer cover holes
PVC glue 3 bucks if you don't have it

Basically, when bushels of leaves are falling, this device prevents leaves from getting into the skimmer, they bunch around the milkcrate where you can skim them or ignore them if you are busy and they sink so you can use the leaf rake to scoop them up every couple of days...

I guess you could say its a tad unsightly, but it works well, takes just a minute to set up and break down, and reduces the number of daily leaf removals..one big one with the rake version a dozen skimmer basket pulls...

Its free to rotate and slide up/down on the pipe, and has a PVC tee (not glued) on the bottom that is removable. Just use the tiny bungee to strap it down...

Any better photos? These photos are blurry.