Low CH & High Pho

Apr 12, 2017
Lancaster, CA
Hello to all,

I have a few questions. I completely filled my pool about a week ago and today I took my first water sample to my local pool store. So far, I have added 3lbs of conditioner (24hrs ago) and 1 gallon of 10% chlorine (24hrs ago). The following are the test results:

11,000 gallon pool.

CH 100
CYA 40
TA 70
pH 7.4
Copper 0
Iron 0
TDS 200
Pho 500

My question is, is it normal for CH (100) to be low and Phosphate to be high (500) on this freshly filled pool? or pool store is just trying to sale me chemicals? My Taylor K-2006 test kit should arrived in a couple of days but was a bit curious about the results.

Thank you in advance.

Texas Splash

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Hello JC and welcome to TFP! :wave: For now, I would simply disregard those pool store tests. They are almost always wrong, and "yes" they do all they can to sell you their products. What I would suggest is the following:
- Update your signature please. You can click EDIT YOUR SIGNATURE. It will help us later.
- Use the Poolmath calculator to determine what your CYA should be based on how much conditioner you added and the size of your pool. Don't rely on what "they" told you.
- Based on that CYA, go to the Pool School - Chlorine / CYA Chart and increase your FC to the proper level as based on that chart. Use regular bleach and nothing else to increase the FC.

Don't do anything else right now until your K-2006 arrives. You did great ordering that early. :goodjob: Once you get that test kit, post YOUR numbers and we can help from there. That's the best way. Have a great day.