Love trouble free pool here in Southeast Iowa

Kevin wagler

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May 24, 2020
Mount pleasant, iowa
I have been a huge fan for about 5 years. A friend of mine in the area had heard about this site and had a pool life changing experience. I have struggled with those ridiculous test strips and horrible pool balance issues for 15 years. I rarely had a FC reading and I had frequent issues with algae. I was using dichlor tabs and shocking with a wide variety of products. Algaecide was my friend or so I thought. I didn’t realize that Bleach was to be used, what an idiot, and what a mess I had. I had NO idea about CYA and how it has such a huge impact. I am overwhelming grateful for this site and the vast resources that are offered. Now my pool after the slam in the spring is truly Trouble free! This year when I opened I had an issue with ammonia which required more bleach to get that Slam FC reading, but I am ready to go for the season with sparkling clear water. My Alkalinity is a bit high at 100, but I will most likely address that per the great advice in the forums. What a blessing this site is! Pool stats- In ground outdoor pool 20x40x8.5; 36,000 gal.; Sand filter; Vinyl liner; FC 13 (end of slam);CC 0; PH 7.5; Alk 100; CH 110;CYA 30
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