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Jul 3, 2021
Fountain Hills, Arizona
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We are located in Fountain Hills, Arizona, so pool ownership and maintenance are almost a necessity!
Our home was built in 1988 and we purchased it from the original owner/builder. The pool and spa were built with the house and when we purchased it knew that we would have to refurbish it as the plaster was flaking off. We had an excellent contractor, Shane Scott at We Do It Pools refurbish the pool end of May, beginning of June. We went with a Midnight Blue pebble finish from NPT along with their Terassini Blue. We added a 2' x 2' x 8' wide waterfall that doubles as a bench on the backside to take in the mountain views.
We also took the opportunity to upgrade all the equipment and added the Hayward OmniLogic automation system to go with the Hayward 2.7 HP VSP and cartridge filter assembly, along with actuator valves for the water feature and spa jets. We have the PentAir IntelliBrite 5G LED light in the pool.
The pool is 11,000 gallons and the spa is 600.
The main reason for joining the site and utilizing the Premium version of the app is that with new water (and new equipment), it is quite a challenge to balance. I'd like ensure that we start off things correctly to maintain our significant investment and that we are educated pool owners that can have an informed discussion with our service providers.
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Welcome to the forum. Please consider ordering one of our recommended test kits in Pool School.