Love my IntelliPH, but it keeps "breaking" my heart


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Mar 25, 2017
Austin, TX
I installed a Pentair IntelliPH (IPH) muriatic acid dosing solution. It is fantastic and has reduced my pool maintenance which I love. The problem is that I keep having problems with it. The Intellichlor IC60 plugs into the IPH control box which then connects to the EasyTouch is a daisy chain fashion. I have had a lot of power issues. The first issue was the IPH power went out which also kills the IC60 until you take the IPH out of the chain. the IPH board has burn marks on it. Pentair authorized a board replacement and we were back in business. Second problem was on the EasyTouch. Something about the curicuit board had a burn on it that controls the IPH. Replaced the EasyTouch circuit board. Back in business. Had one more power issue with IPH board and they replaced the board again. Today the power went out on the IPH. I haven't opened it up yet, but Pentair submitted a ticket and the authorized company will come out.

Has anyone heard of this type of insanity with this fantastic solution? I read some post about eliminating the IPH control box but wasn't sure why. Maybe this is why.




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Jul 7, 2014
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Sorry I can't help, but I don't use the ipH just because of how it interfaces with the SWCG... Someone here, and I can't remember who right now, just uses an EasyTouch relay to power the ipH so it no longer interferes with the SWCG.


Jim R.