Loud Pool Pump Problems. Do I replace or fix?


Jul 24, 2013
This is my second thread on this forum. You all helped so much with the last thread, so I'm hoping for good results this time as well!

I recently moved into a house with a pool, so I've been teaching myself everything as I go. The previous owner (only here for 2 years) did not know anything about the pool and never had it running.

My pool pump, from what I can tell, is a STA RITE Dura Glas II (I can't figure out any more about the specs). Lately I've noticed it running louder than before. We've been running it quite a bit, nearly 24/7. I have a pump timer on the way so we can run it less. Anyways, as time goes by it's getting louder and louder.

The pump primes right up and everything with the main drain and skimmers and returns seems to work great. We have great pressure and (thanks to this forum) crystal clear water.

I know the loudness can be a lot of things, so how do I determine which route to take. Could it be my filter? Bad bearings? A dying motor? Water in the pump?

Here is a link to a vid. showing the loudness, and the pump kicking on and off.



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Apr 14, 2011
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Bearings. You can replace the bearings or replace the motor. It's pretty easy overall. You can get a remanufactured motor pretty cheap.


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Second the motion. I found TFP a couple years ago when I was looking for help to fix my pump. $20 for the bearings (but you can find them for much cheaper) and $15 for a puller from Harbor Freight and I was back in business. Still running strong and quiet.

I think in general peole give up on pumps too early. I'd spend the time and fix it.