Loud Hayward Pump Repair


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Aug 24, 2021
North Carolina
Hello Folks, my pool pump has been loud for about 2 months, not knowing much I figured it had to be replaced soon so I was trying to get through the summer. We just moved in to a house last year and I know everything in the pool is original from 2014. It's a salt water system.
Last night the noise got a LOT louder, so I shut the pump off. Looking online I found a lot of videos about gaskets, seals etc. I took the motor out and removed the diffuser and saw that a white part (looks to me like a spacer https://www.amazon.com/Hayward-SPX3200B3-Diffuser-Replacement-Tristar/dp/B004VTGAVO) is rubbing against the diffuser (sorry if I got any names of parts wrong). Spinning the shaft I see a very slight wobble almost not noticeable so it is very minorly warped, but I don't know if that's normal or within what's acceptable.
So, I'm trying to find out what the noise is and how to fix it. My first thought was that it is that white piece but I don't want to replace that and have the problem happen again soon if that is being cased for example by the shaft. Or if I just need to replace everything, motor etc. I was wondering if anybody could provide ay help.
My attempt to show the small warp in the shaft:


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Jul 14, 2014
Sounds like you need bearings replaced. You would be better off with replacing the motor with an exact replacement, not just any 1hp, 2-speed motor, if you can get one. They can be sold if still in stock. It has to have a 1.85 service factor (sf on the plate in the middle picture). Federal laws have pretty much outlawed most 2-speed motors as of 7/19/2021.

The picture of the motor with the sealplate (last picture) indicates that the shaft seal has been leaking for quite a while. Be sure to put the wear ring in as you see it, with the large end away from the impeller.
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