Lots of rain.....


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Sep 15, 2018
Seminole, FL
Hello -
Current test results:
FC 5.0
pH 7.4
TA 50
CH 240
CYA 40
Salt 3100

TA, CH, and CYA drifting down because (I think) I have to keep draining rain out of the pool. New pebble sheen build (filled on 6/7/19).
I'm going to get and add CYA tomorrow. I am adding acid every couple of days to keep the pH in range. I'm thinking about adding borates (borax) to keep the pH from swinging so much, and since (from what I've read here) it's better to do that if your TA is on the low side, I thought about moving in that direction. Apparently I also need to add some calcium hardness.

Anyway, what would you do if your numbers looked like mine? (Pool is pretty and clear)



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Jan 28, 2019
Tampa, FL
I'm not far from you and have an older plaster pool with all new hardware. My numbers are pretty much all higher than yours and are pretty much identical to the numbers I had a week ago.

FC 8
TA 70
CYA 70
CH 350
PH 7.8-8
CSI near zero

I have had to add CYA, salt and Calcium, I'd say due to dilution, but haven't added any acid in a month. Water has been crystal clear since the make over in early spring. I'd say bump your numbers, but since you have a new pool I'll let others chime in.

Someone's going to suggest you read pool school so I'll toss that in too :)


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Jul 10, 2012
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It looks solid to me! That TA is a bit low. The reason your TA is low is the muriatic acid you are adding to lower the pH ALSO lowers the TA so...........I would push the TA up a bit every once in a while to keep it from getting too low.



May 31, 2019
Southeast Fl
I've also been dumping alot of water, dumped 14" before taking off to gulf side with Dorian.Had used tabs until 5/2019.Had High Ch-500,cya-90 at that time.Went to liquid cl and got a test kit--Today's numbers Ch 350, Cya 40,TA 75,CL 4.5.I have 50# of tabs--so I'm back using tabs so cya gradually stays same or goes up some, 2 tabs are keeping my cl fairly consistent,pool dosen't get much use.---If you go that route keep an eye on things monthly and don't use tabs in the winter or you will have high cya next year.Wait its raining again!