Lots of questions about first diy pool


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Sep 8, 2020
Against my will I gave in to my wife and decided to do an in ground liner pool in South Alabama. Long story short my neighbor does them and he agreed to dig the hole, sand/cement the bottom, and guide me along the way. I bought the kit from him and after he dug it, it rained 7” in two days in sandy soil, so it was a mess. I set the wood walls that he built, poured the collar, shaped the bottom off of his dig strings, wall foam, coping, returns and skimmers. He was supposed to do the bottom Saturday and backed out, luckily I found another guy to come Sunday and do the bottom and drop the liner. Everything was good until the water got to the shallow end and I started noticing lumps in the deep end slope. He came back today and said it was his fault the guys who set the vac had it against the foam and it caused it to turn loose and break the sand/cement off. He’s coming back this weekend to fix it but does this sound normal?? Sorry for the long post but I have no idea about this7846138E-5DDD-431D-B671-A76AE4D75B44.jpeg0B6486FC-4EB1-4710-96A3-B47890731061.jpeg0B6486FC-4EB1-4710-96A3-B47890731061.jpeg3644A4E1-10CB-49BD-8BF9-8036A319C3CD.jpeg3644A4E1-10CB-49BD-8BF9-8036A319C3CD.jpeg4A624806-7D64-40A3-87DC-D1BE15D1EA82.jpeg4A624806-7D64-40A3-87DC-D1BE15D1EA82.jpeg7846138E-5DDD-431D-B671-A76AE4D75B44.jpeg1A1CBF86-80BC-4B71-B1FF-0B8FEFB3F909.jpeg
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Interesting with the wood forms. Looks like a very clean build. Hope all goes well.

By the way, don't forget to update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info. Include your test kit as well. Very important. If you don't already have a TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C, I'd make that a priority to keep the water clear and sanitized. Check out our ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and let us know if you have any questions.
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