Losing Water and I don't know where


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Dec 22, 2020
Bothell WA
I just bought a house and it came with a Clearwater Spa. We didn't buy the house because of the spa, but it's quickly become my favorite new toy. I drained it, scrubbed it, filled it, leveled the chemicals then a week into owning it, the circ pump died and I had to have it replaced. Now after that, I'm losing water. About 2 inches every three days. There's no water coming for the new circ pump. I took off as many panels as I could ( a few are to tight for me to get to) but I can see just about everything inside the cabinet. I can't see any water dripping, or leaking. Under the insulation I can see water in the tray underneath. What do I do? I'm at my wits end and I don't wan to have to pay for someone to come out and tell when what I already know. Thank you all.


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Jul 21, 2013
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The good thing here is @RDspaguy will tell you what you already know at no charge. And ocasdionally something you didn’t know.


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Sep 14, 2016
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What is it sitting on? Some pics would really help here. What are your outside temps right now? Does it have a decent cover? If it's cold, you could easily lose that much in evaporation in two days without a good cover.
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Mar 21, 2020
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@CuckooChris nailed it.
90% of leaks are in the equipment or drain valve. Check the pipe connections and the motor shafts.
Overflowing a spa can create a siphon through the air valves that can drain it down almost completely. The water level should not exceed 3" below the top.
Waterfalls, fountain jets, whirlpool jets, and anything else that causes water to hit the cover when closed will lose water over the side.
Check for dark spots in the foam, as they indicate leaks.
Post some pics.


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Dec 22, 2020
Bothell WA
Hi All, thanks so much for the feed back. its laying on concrete and has a bubble thermal guard and a nice snug cover. I'd send pictures, but all the pictures would be dry, as I can't find anything moist inside, except under the bottom insulation and even that there's barely anything. I don't have foam inside, so I can see everything. I'm guessing there is a seeping area under the spa that I can't see. I am going to try the "fix- a leak" sealant. Has anyone has any good or bad experiences with fix a leak? thank you


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Sep 23, 2015
It's a longshot, but make sure your new circulation pump isn't oversized; it could be powering a jet or 2 too much and aiming water at the cover and spewing it out that way. Maybe the fitting on the new pump looks fine when it is off, but leaks when it is under pressure when it is turned on (and squirts water in a faraway direction).

Have you looked "under the hood" when everything is on? I would suspect something may have happened when the new circulation pump was installed, since everything was fine before it was put in...


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Aug 10, 2017
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The best way is to raise the spa up on blocks so you can see under it. There is also the dye trick. Color the water with pool dye and you will find the leak easier
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