Losing suction


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Jul 22, 2014
Greentown, IN
I installed a new Harris 72311 Cartridge Filter, 50 sq ft System with 3/4 HP Pump today on a 24' X 48" above ground pool .
Very simple and straight forward setup.....hose from skimmer to pump, pump attached to filter, hose from filter to return jet on side of pool.
No leaks/drips at any of the connections...

I am losing suction within 20 - 30 minutes of running filter.

I did notice my skimmer has a crack in the side if it and is dripping ....so ordered a new skimmer!!

Would this drip cause the lose of suction??


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May 10, 2017
Hays, Kansas
You have something in your filter or pipes after the pump.

If it loses suction you would not have any pressure. There is probably a plastic bag in the filter that falls off after off and works it way back to plugging it up.


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Apr 4, 2007
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pretty much stays at 12 at all times.....even when it loses suction
The pressure on the gauge is created by water flowing through the filter. If you don’t have any suction, you can’t have any pressure. Does the gauge go to zero when the pump is off?


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Jul 22, 2014
Greentown, IN
Yes, the gauge goes to zero when pump is off.
It does have some flow and suction, but not enough to use manual or automatic vacuum.

as stated in original post, the pump attaches directly to the filter1590974057235.png. I have taken the cartridge out and looked in filter, no bags or plastic or packing material!! Nothing in pump basket either.
When pump is on, there is no air forming in the strainer pot.
While I had the cartridge out, I went ahead and cleaned it with hose. When started back up, had great flow coming out of return jet, but within 15 minutes flow back down to barely moving.