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Aug 5, 2018
New pool owner. We got away from chlorine tabs after our CYA got up to 120 and I found TFP. I am using Pool Essentials LC from Walmart. We are adding 128 oz at a time and my FC is going no where. Last night my FC was 1. CYA 49. ph 7.6. We added 128 oz of 10% LC last night. I checked my FC this AM and it was 2. Checked it again tonight and my FC is back down to 1. What am I doing wrong??


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Jun 16, 2019
Hey C !! 1 gal of 10% should get you 7.7 FC. You either lost 6.7 FC overnight to algea or your bleach wasn't full strength. You can easily test the bleach. 1 teaspoon in a 5 gallon bucket is 8ppm. You may test higher if your tap water has some bleach too, but either way a 8+ means your bleach is fine.
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