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Feb 10, 2020
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My sand filter pressure is usually at 20psi. I have always seen the pressure increasing slightly which is an indication that the filter requires a backwash. However for the first time.in 2 years i have noticed yesterday that the pressure has slightly decreased to 17 psi. As i have never experience this i am concerned it could be an issue. The water is still going through the cycle from skimmer back to the jet, the pressure out of the jet seems fine.
On the top of that, and it can be purely coincidental, the water today is less clear but it has rained a lot today and it may not be related to the psi pressure. Just in case it rings a belt for our expert.
Today i have opened the gasket to clean the rubber and add some magic lubb and i have cleaned the baskets too.
What do you think ? Should I be concerned?

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Jun 22, 2014
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I wonder if your sand needs a good deep clean? Over time sand can become compacted and develop channels that inhibit good filtering. You might try a good deep clean to see if that helps.



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Jan 9, 2020
minor impellor blockage could be the reason, if the pump basket is broken or cracked etc, debris could get past basket and start clogging impellor, or if your basket needs to be frequently emptied out you could be leaving bits of debris that can also clog impellor, then usually over time the psi drops more and more as it clogs more
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