Loose tile at infinity edge. Not sure what to do.


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Apr 18, 2021
Naples, FL
5 of my tiles were loose and falling off. A pool guy “fixed” it yesterday by applying an insane amount of thinset, which didn’t really work as the tiles are heavy and kept sagging, so he then literally slapped a bunch of cement behind the tiles too. He made a huge mess in my basin and deck but that’s besides the point lol. When he left I noticed that because of the amount of thinset he used, the 5 tiles fixed were much higher than the other edge tiles, which ruins the infinity edge illusion (see pic 3). I removed the tile and scraped away the new and old thinset after I noticed this when he left

In southwest Florida, it’s near impossible to find good honest people that do the job right, or even show up at all. I need to DIY this fix. I’ve never used thinset before and don’t know what to do. The tiles are heavy so they will sag when I place them at the edge. Also it seems that the old thinset was tapered thicker near the bottom of the tiles (see pic 1). Can someone please guide me in the right direction? Thank you so much.


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Jun 25, 2020
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you can remove any loose thinset and then use a modified medium bed mortar designed for large format tiles in wet environments - if his mix was correct it should not have sagged- i just set 120 pound blue stones in mortar without them sagging - or you can use a construction adhesive designed for no sag stone installation such as SRW

This is the mortar I used for my coping - it is rated for pool applications - you mix it to a stiff peanut butter consistency where it can standup on its own without running
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