looks like were under a tropical storm watch what about pool



im sure the pool people in north carolina are going to get alot more than me but, were still under a watch and its going to hit tommarrow evening.

i know its not going to be that bad, but were probably going to have a good bit of rain, and the wind gusts will DEFIANTLY blow alot of leaves in it, is there something special i need to do to the pool to prepare for the storm, it might not even hit us, but since this is only my third month of taking care of a pool, i want to be sure we can swim after.


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May 7, 2007
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For a normal heavy sorm you just need to add some extra chlorine to help deal with any higher than normal levels of debris in the pool and in case you skip going out to add chlorine because of the storm.

If high winds are expected then you will want to secure anything solid that could be blown into the pool, such as sun umbrellas and patio furniture. If you have a solar cover you may want to roll it up and tie it down. Plastic patio furniture can often be put in the pool so it doesn't blow away.

If quite a few inches of rain are expected and you don't have an automatic drain you might want to lower the water level a little.