looks like poolforum finally went offline....


May 11, 2008
Charleston, WV
We don't know what is going on. Has been slow a few times in the past couple of days and then it was down last night as well as this morning. I'm going to try and e-mail to Ben although he hasn't responded to the last few I've sent him, so don't know if he is still using that e-mail address anymore. At any rate, at this time, we moderators at Pool Forum know nothing about why, but will keep our fingers crossed that it isn't down for good.

BTW --- what is up with these pool forums?? :? First TFP, then PF a day later!! Odd coincidence.


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Apr 29, 2008
AnnaK said:
The Pool Forum is where I learned to swim in a clean pool. I'm very sorry to see it's gone down.
Same here, that's where I learned how to take charge of my pool :(