Looking to try and make pool life easier.


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Oct 31, 2013
I currently have a bromine pool (strange I know) but started looking into just adding chlorine tablets to save on cost because from my understanding it alright to do this since you're doing the same thing when you shock the pool. Chlorine converts to bromine. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Then I started down the rabbit hole of converting to salt to make maintenance even easier due to not having to refill the chemical dispenser as often.

Then I noticed they have automated pool chemical testers/dispensers.

Curious if anyone has found a solid solution to make taking care of their pool easy without breaking the bank? I don't mind doing work or upfront cost but the thought of replacing a salt cell on a yearly basis isn't a fun idea for the pocket book. What I have works but I feel like I have to baby sit my pool during the summer and just trying to cut down on that feeling.

Debated hiring out a service to just do it for me but seems wasteful. Feel free to tell me to suck it up or point me in a direction of things to check out. There is a lot of reading I'm going to need to do just trying to cut to the important stuff/products to check out.