Looking to replace Jandy Flopro pump, what options do you suggest?


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Apr 3, 2015
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Hi. I'm in my 7th season with a JandyFlopro FHPM 1.5 motor/pump. I assume it's a ball bearing issue. It's making a steady high pitch sound that started late last summer and has got worse. From what i've read I should just replace the motor. It seems like the Jandy pumps are all through pool dealers/stores. It seems that the FHPM is not make anymore. It has unions so it should be easy to replace IF I can get something with the same input/output holes that would line up. If not i"ll have a bit more work to do. Any advice on what to buy? I'll compare motor/pump vs. motor alone once I know what i can replace it with. I'm sticking with the single speed.
Thanks, Chris


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Jul 3, 2013
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I would give Inyo a call and see if you can switch out your motor with a new V Green VS motor.. They are really great and easy to switch out and SAVE SO MUCH MONEY...

If so grab a new Salt or SCS seal and a rebuild kit for your pump.. :)



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