Looking to replace cartridge filters in my Hayward Super Star Clear Model No. C3000

Well we've lived at this house for almost 3 years now & have no idea how old the cartridge filters are. Last week I cleaned them out & noticed cracks on the "hard" rubber ends & some of the strings torn. I think they're due for replacement:)
I see so many choices on Amazon, EBay, even saw some at my local HomeDepot & Lowe's. Which are the better brands to look for? I'd like to replace all 4, but don't want to spend $300 :(


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
I have heard MANY people talk about loving the pleatco filters. I will let you do a search and see who has the best price. I have a sand filter so don't really know but wanted to tell you what I have heard here on TFP.



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Aug 10, 2012
I love my Pleatco filters. Much better than the original Pentair filters.