Looking for tile advice


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Mar 15, 2020
We're going to be refinishing our pool and replacing the tile but not replacing the coping. We're currently thinking about using a 3x3 blue/teal tile at the water line and glass Mosaic above that for the back high wall. However, we can't find many pictures online showing something like this, so we're wondering if we're considering something stupid... Any and all thoughts are welcome! We're in Houston is that matters.



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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
Hi and welcome to TFP! What a pretty area you have! I like the tile you have now. Too bad you can't find a way to keep it!

For the new tile I would go with the 1x2 tile you have labeled as option 1 for the water line and high wall. It is SO pretty and will really add a dramatic touch to the pool. I don't think the 1x1 tiles you have for the water line tile will look very good with any of the high wall options. When an "accent wall" is done with different tile the wall is usually much higher so the tile really stands out. I worry if you do the high wall in your pool with different tile it will not look as dramatic. I say use the same tile for everything.

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