Looking For The Best Solar Heater for Semi-Inground Doughboy 16'x32'

Hello everyone! Getting ready to open my pool in NJ and am looking to extend my pool season May-October-ish. There are so many solar heater options, I am hoping to get some advice from anyone in experience with them! Any help you could provide would be appreciated.



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Aug 10, 2012
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I purchased my solar panels from Solar Direct and installed them myself 4ish years ago. They have done a lot to help us keep our pool warmer. We like warm water, 87-92 is preferred, and we love our solar panels. A solar controller is a great addition to make sure the solar panels are adding heat and not calling off the pool. Running the panels during rain, cloudy days or at night will cool the pool. We use the Pentair Solartouch controller.