looking for shade ideas for setting sun


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May 28, 2016
Arlington, TX
Our yard is aligned east/west and the ~5pm sun setting makes it a bit of a challenge when sitting outside. I am looking at mounting some kind of drop shade on the last rafter of my cover but not sure what I should look at. I was wanting to get something about 10'-15' wide that can lower 6-8'. Originally I kind of made an assumption of a Wicker type material but got to thinking the shade screen type may be better. Any thoughts are appreciated.


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Once upon a time when I was in that situation, I got some drop-down shades form Home Depot. They were made of something that looked like bamboo I think, and came in various widths and unrolled lengths. I hung them up and let them drop down when I was outside in the late evening. They weren't too expensive as I recall so they didn't break the bank, and if they ever got damaged I wasn't too upset. The main thing about drop shades like that was to make sure I didn't leave them down all day or night in the event a strong wind storm passed through. If I needed something more permanent that could handle the wind, then I opted for something like a lattice material (I like the composite stuff you can paint) or a screen fabric that comes pre-made or that I can frame.


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Mar 17, 2015
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Do a search for Coolaroo shades.
I have about 8 of them for 2 decks.
They are super light, great material. and very reasonable price, the roll up with a crank/ pole