Looking for recommendations for where to buy above-ground pool liner


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Mar 13, 2021
Hi- Looking for recommendations for reputable, honest on-line source to buy above ground pool liner. I have an older Aqua Leader Evasion (Canadian) above gound, 15'2" x 30'7". I've been told that Latham and Swimline are familiar with this non-standard size but my real question is who can I trust to buy from. I have been ripped off in past with a low quality liner and every place I look at (Swimming Pool Liners.com, Ameri-brands, In the Swim) has lousy customer reviews. Any suggestions, please?
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Jan 17, 2012
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Have you looked at Inyopools.com? They've always been very helpful to TFP folks and if you become a TFP supporter they will give you a discount. You can email them, call etc. I've dealt with them a few times showing them odd pictures of equipment and they've been spot on identifying things for me.
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Jan 13, 2021
Latham can make the liner for you. Work with a trusted local retailer that sells Latham. The issue this year is with Covid Latham is so busy fulfilling orders that they are not taking on custom order liners in above ground material. The good news is you can order the same spec liner in their thicker IG material. While definitely expensive, hands down this is the highest quality liner you could purchase for your pool. There is “discontinued” material available which makes for a fantastic value.
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