Looking for new pump

Jun 23, 2008
New Orleans, LA
Looking for a new pump to save on electric costs.

Current pump is Hayward SP2607x10 with AO Smith 1hp 1.40sf
1-1/2" pipe 1 skimmer 3 returns
TDH as measured with pressure & vacuum guage is 50
Current filter is Hayward S-200
15.000 gal Fiberglass IG
Polaris 380 w/booster pump

Was looking at SuperFlo 1hp 2 speed or 3/4hp single speed
Any suggestions?



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May 25, 2007
Pentair Whisperflo 3/4hp 2 speed. It will pump 70gpm+ at 50 head on high, half that on low at 1/3 the electrical demand, 1.67 SF.

Uh oh. Never mind. I just looked at your filter specs and max flow rate is 45gpm.

Should me ok at low speed though.