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I think my heater fused is burned so I am trying to find a replacement but so far searches return nothing could fit in the slot. The heater is Hayward and I hope this is the only issue. The fuse is 1.5A/250V and it is about 14mm. All I can find ones are either 10mm or 20mm, can't find anything in the middle. Any suggestion?


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Mar 2, 2011
The fuse is 250v Slo-Blo 5 x 15 mm. The Littelfuse part number is 022901.5HXP or 022901.5MXP. Littlefuse series 229.

I don't know the difference between the MXP and the HXP. The data sheet says the "M" or "H" is a quantity code with "M"meaning 1,000. But, I'm not sure what that means. Edit - As best as I can tell, the M or H refer to bulk packaging options. I think that the fuses are identical.

As long as you can purchase only the quantity that you need, either fuse part number should be good

Fuse actual dimensions are:
0.177" Dia x 0.570" L (4.50mm x 14.48mm)

In addition to the 1.5 amp fuse, there are (2) 3 amp fuses and (1) 2.5 amp fuse. You might want to get some of those as well. Get extra of each.

022901.5HXP Littelfuse Inc. | Circuit Protection | DigiKey


022901.5MXP Littelfuse Inc. | Circuit Protection | DigiKey

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