Looking for generic Lien Waiver


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Sep 11, 2007
Madisonville, LA
My wife who used to work for a home improvement company asked our PB about lien waivers. They had never heard of them (or proclaimed not to). We would like to get them from the PB as the job progresses, but we do not have access to any generic FREE forms. Does anyone have one?


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Apr 15, 2007
This varies from state to state so it could be that your state you don't need to worry about lien wavers. I know how it works in both CA and AZ and they are both very different. In CA anyone who does work on your property can put whats called a Mechanics Lien on your property even if they are a sub contractor doing work for a general contractor. In AZ a sub contractor cannot put a lien on your property only the general contractor can or the person who you wrote the work contract with.

I had a senario in AZ where my general PB went out of business and the steel company send a preliminary notice for lien to me but they had no authority to actually put a lien on the property and never filed, in fact if they suffer severe penalties if they do try to put a lien and they had no contract with the property owner.

In this case if you live in CA you would need to get either a lien waver from the subs or proof from the general contractor that the sub was paid.

Check with your government entity that deals with licensing pool builders.