Looking for feedback on pool build please


Sep 28, 2019
New to the site and was looking for feedback since this is our first time building a pool. Any thoughts on equipment, floor returns ect.. ?? thank you for the help

Rectangle pool - 36X18 / 3-6 ft deep
Hydrostatic relief plugs on pool floor
Sun lounge
4 shallow end steps
2 6' benches in deep end
60% S- Grade Quartz interior finish
(2) Led Color logic lights
450 sf commercially rated filter with micro ban antimicrobial filters
2 deluxe xtra large skimmer w baskets
Tristar energy saver non-corrosive 1.5Hp pump
Dual returns with directional fittings
Direct 2" PVC/ SCH 40 with never lube vlaves
Saftey Double bottom drain system
3 floor returns (deep heat)
Hayward phantom auto vac w booster pump
Hayward Auqa rite Chlorine salt generator
Hayward aqua logic Ps-5 controller w remote
Aqua Comfort Heat pump
10 yr structural warranty and 3 yr equip warranty
Deck Bonding Loop
3 deck jets

Decking: Dry laid travertine


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Jan 17, 2012
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Ok....letsee.... First off that 3' shallow end is *seriously* shallow. Too shallow for much of anything and definitely too shallow for swimming laps. I'd suggest 4' minimum, and that's water height rather than wall height.

Next off I'd lose the second pump (huge energy waster!) and old fashioned vac, and go for a robot instead. Does much better job and costs pennies to use.

I'd also suggest getting a variable speed pump instead of the Tristar.

Good choice of chlorination method :)

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May 24, 2014
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Having been poking around on this site for months looking at comments and also starting my thread on our new build. I would take the time and do the homework on many of these items. Get feed back and do some research. We are installing our first pool and the folks here are awesome with great knowledge and will keep us out of trouble. Might want to check out my thread in new pools and the comments. Lots of great stuff there.
Change to my plans since i started looking here and getting feedback
1) 4' shallow end
2) going to go with a salt water generator
3) Pentair Variable Speed Pump
4) Not using the single unit LED lights terrible reviews and hard to replace
5) Changing the sun ledge to a 24" step. this will be 1 of three steps in the shallow end
6) Robot cleaner. And the Pentair Prowler 930 is a re-branded Dolphin and it is $350 cheaper
7) Get model number before you buy. They change all the time and make sure you are getting what you want and not what they have
8) Elimination of some of the fancy bells and whistles. Don't need them and maintenance and repair would be a pain.
9) Heat pump so we can get a couple of extra months of swim season
10) autocover

Our goal is to have a "trouble free pool" ha ha. Low maintenance, easy to take care of, I don't what to work on it everyday and enjoy it more.

Good luck and lets see how our builds go :)


Sep 28, 2019
Thank you for the feedback.. which pump should I get rid of? After reading threads, I saw a lot of comments regarding 3ft vs. 4ft.. I will move to 4ft. in the shallow end. Are you referring to an electric robot vs. vacuum?
below are 3d renderings. open to any thoughts or comments on it.Leader _ 2019_002.jpgLeader _ 2019_003.jpgLeader _ 2019_009.jpgLeader _ 2019_007.jpgLeader _ 2019_006.jpg


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Aug 3, 2018
Some pics of the of the area the pool will be would be very useful. From house looking at pool and from yard looking at pool and house.

Do you really need the wall on the outer edge of pool or could you just slope off the lawn from the pool deck.


Sep 28, 2019
I can ask the builder, maybe a good way to save some money.. all 3 quotes we received had some type of retention wall there... 2 companies used boulders and this company actually did a finished wall.
I'll ask the company for more pics
thanks Rich.