Looking for "deluxe" spa jets for my gunite hot tub

Apr 8, 2013
Yes, the outer ring screws off and then the guts pull out. Once these are removed there is about a 9/16" nozzle about 3 or 4 inches inside that can be wrenched out. I will take one out and take a picture after work tonight. Pool and hot tub was built by A&S.
Apr 8, 2013
Here is what I have... the black outer ring is 2 & 5/16" wide and screws into the plumbing coming out of the gunite. The white, 3/4" nozzle screws into the air line or the flex pipe, back up into the cavity.
I can not tell from the online pics, if any of those are direct replacements.
I appreciate any help.


Apr 8, 2013
So, in your first picture, the top piece should be able to just unscrew from my plumbing?
And, if I get these new ones, do I just leave the stock 3/4" nozzle out, or put it back in?
Also, any other options, besides the rotating one that you show? It would be nice to have three different options. Two of each for my six nozzle tub.... kind of like a stand alone spa would have.
And, what does 1-1/2" mpt and fpt mean in the description?
Thanks for your help.


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Feb 27, 2017
The top piece in the first picture can unscrew from the plumbing. You could discard the 3/4" nozzle if you go with the rotating eyeballs. I'm not aware of any other options as far as rotating jets. You could go with standard directional jets like you currently have. MPT means male pipe thread and FPT means female pipe thread.
Apr 8, 2013
Thanks for your reply. I wish I would have seen it earlier, as I did order the Waterway rotating nozzle as referenced by InyoRob a few posts up. I only ordered one, as I suspected that what you pointed out was the case. I will try it out and update here soon.
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