Looking for Builder/Renovation Recommendations


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May 22, 2017
Southeastern, PA
Second year in new house with pool. Pool is at least 15 years old, last owner claimed to have had it refinished at some unknown time in the past. Anyway, the plaster is not in the best shape and will be looking to have it done next year. Looking for a contractor to give me full estimate: plaster, equipment upgrades, coping, etc. I have a list of several companies that service the area but wanted to know if anyone has experience and recommendations on who to avoid or who you would recommend. Appreciate it!

Area: SE Pennsylvania, just outside of Philly.

BTW - Paid a company to open last year as I was totally new. Got frustrated with the work and responsiveness in about 4 hours (that was fast). Maintained all year on my own (thanks to the community on this site!), and opened on my own this year. No way I would ever thought that was possible but all the info on here was what got me through it all. I plan on donating again, so worth it on what it already saved me. Just wanted to say thanks again.


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Jul 10, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
You know..............I wish there was some way to do a search for just the people in an area.....until that happens what I would do is call a few companies and ask for references. Ask them if they would have them do work for them again and go from there.