Looking for Advise on New Build

Building 42K in ground pool in SE Mexico where I haven't found a PB I have confidence in so sort of doing it myself, basic engineering and hydraulic calcs bought from USA on line, construction engineering being done locally, equipment sourced on line from US and construction materials and man power sourced locally. I already have a large hole in the ground with form work being raised and rebar fitted; equipment arrives from US in a week or so Mexican customs permitting, but for now I'm looking for advise on equipment location. Is it better to instal pumps, filter etc. above, below or at pool water level; I understand that below will require check valves and above shut of valves, is that the only consideration?


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My suggestion would be to have the pump about 6" above the pool level water line. This will make priming easy but yet won't flood when you drain your pump strainer basket.
Thanks for the prompt response duraleigh, will start fitting the floor in the equipment room now. Decided to put the equipment indoors as we're on the beach and the atmosphere's very corrosive. Will undoubtedly be back shortly for more help. Really pleased I found this site.