Looking for advice upgrading above ground pool


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Feb 10, 2018
I got sucked into buying a $300 walmart special AGP a few years ago. I bought an intex saltwater chlorinator at the time. And shortly after upgraded the stock pump to a [h=1]Pentair PNSD0040DE1160 Sand Dollar Aboveground Filter System with Blow-Molded Tank, 1 HP. [/h]
My SWG went out at the end of season last year and I had a small leak in the pool that was slow enough that neither I or a local pool guy could find so I figured it was time to upgrade. This is what I am looking at getting now:
15'x26'x54" Saltwater 8000 Oval Pool$2,787.001
15'x26' Oval Armor Shield Liner Floor Pad$89.001
Hayward Thru-Wall Skimmer & Return Fitting$0.001
15'x26' Oval Pool Wall Foam$69.951
Gladon Foam Bond Spray Adhesive for Wall Foam - 3 Pack$44.991
Saltwater 8000/LX Mood Light with Solar Panel$24.952
15'x26' Oval Space Age Silver/Blue Solar Cover$109.001

Since I have a pentair pump I was going to get the IC40 SWG since I read (I believe on this site) that you should try and keep them the same brand

16'x28' is about the biggest I think I could go without being too crowded and the 15' x 26' was the biggest one I could find under that size.
So 1st off is this a good deal?
Are there any products in here that people have had bad experiences with?
Anything else I should consider getting?

Thanks in advance for taking the time to help


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May 3, 2014
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Only reason to have pump and SWCG from the same manufacturer is if you have automation from the same manufacturer. Do you?
I do not see it listed.

I will let the ABG pool experts chime in on everything else.

Take care.


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Hello and Welcome to TFP! We're glad you found your way here!

That is a good price for the Saltwater 8000. It looks to be on sale at the moment. We've had some good experience from ppl on the forum about these pools. None have complained or wish had hadn't purchased it. I like the resin wall caps and collars. I think they hold up better than the steel caps.

It looks like you have chosen the standard overlap liner. I personally like the beaded liner a bit better. I think it is easier to install and get all the lines horizontal. It's not as big an issue if you go with the standard all blue liner, but if you go with a patterned liner, it can be a pain to set the liner so it looks good. If it were me, I'd also go with the heavier 25 gauge liner. for an extra few $, I think it's worth it.

I like the included Hayward skimmer and return eye.

Wall foam is a personal preference. I don't have it on my pool and don't feel it is needed. It's your call if it is worth it to you. The steel walls are a bit flexible anyway, so it's not like it is on a concrete wall.

The chosen cover will work just fine. No need to get an expensive one nor top of the line. You could bump down to the $90 one if you wanted to.

Your existing pump & filter should work just fine with this pool. The only caveat is that this pump appears to be single speed. A 2-speed pump is recommended in order to save on energy consumption.
If you want to add automation (additional control box), then the SWG will need to be the same brand. If not, the brand of SWG doesn't matter. Each SWG should come with it's own controller.
Consider getting a long, one piece, 35' vacuum hose and pole, net, brush/vacuum for manual cleaning.

Testing kit, get a TF-100 kit to handle all your testing needs. Add salt test strips. Link below in my siggy.

And every pool needs one of these

Feel free to ask any other questions you have.

My 15x30 pool is plenty big enough for our family. It looks way bigger in my yard than I thought it was going to be.


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Feb 10, 2018
Thanks for the quick replies,
For some reason, I couldn't find the post after sending it so wasn't watching for replies.

I am not sure why it didn't show on the list but I was planning on upgrading to the uni-bead 30 gauge liner. I have a special needs son so I figured the thicker the better. Let me know if there are problems going too thick or if I'm wrong in my thinking there.

As far as wall foam goes, I understood that it helped with insulation and since during the summer it tends to be in the 110's during the day and high 80's at night I was hoping this might help keep the pool warmer during the early months and cooler during the summer. Open to suggestions there too on how to keep the pool cool during the peak of summer.

I'm unfamiliar with automation. If there is a good youtube video or a thread that explains it well can someone provide me with a link? I have a generic timer that turns my pump on at night. Also, does that mean that I just need the SWCG and automation device to be from the same company or does the pump need to be as well? If the pump can be independent then I would love to hear recommendations on the SWCG/Automation setups that people are most happy with.

I didn't list cleaning supplies since I still have them from the old pool, I do have the hose brush and net as well as a lil' shark automated vacuum that did a decent job on my smaller pool.


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Jul 12, 2013
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I have the saltwater 5000 and love it. I had the intex pool before that and everything rusted within 2 years. I really like the all-resin parts. I would suggest 1 other item. 15'x26' Oval Peel N' Stick Foam Pool Cove - Gladon XL


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Jun 3, 2015
The foam on the walls will not provide that much of an R-value, but it's better than nothing. Most heat is lost through evaporation (water surface exposed to the air) and conduction (touching the ground). If this were my pool I would use the foam on the walls and floor if it was doable in the budget.

I had a Space Age Blue/Silver, very nice cover but only lasted 2-1/2 seasons. It was always out of the sun & covered when it was off the pool, stored in the house over winter and well taken care of. This year I'm buying a cheap one & hoping for two seasons.