Looking for advice on slamming


Jul 24, 2020
Cleveland, OH
Hello! I recently had to redo some wiring to get my pool to pass inspection (passed on Monday, hooray!) but pool equipment was without power for a few days, so no filtering and no chlorine going in as swg wasn’t running. Got some heavy rains here in Ohio during that time. Got everything up and running again Monday and had clear water but lots of dirt on bottom and some algae sitting on bottom. Vacuumed out as much I could and the rest got stirred up making pool cloudy and dark green. Started the slamming process Tuesday, and have slowly gotten back to mostly blue, a slight tint of green still this morning, still very cloudy.
Looking for advice on how to proceed. I’m assuming just to keep slamming but hoping to have the pool looking as best as I can for my big annual party this Saturday, so looking for any tips to help the process other than just being patient!
Water chem before slam:
Ph 7.4, TA 90, CH 90, CYA 60 (high level due to saltwater pool recommendation)

Been Slamming up to 24 FC using Pool Math app. FC this morning at 19. CC basically 0 (barely turned pink, one drop back to clear) Didn’t have a chance to test FC last night after adding recommended amount of shock (12.5% liquid shock) because I fell asleep before being able to wait a couple hours to test.
Pic attached showing pvc platform I built for my dogs. Think it helps show color & cloudiness.

1. Anything I can do to help filtering ? I have sand filter and 1.5hp pump. Read about adding DE but never done it and nervous about doing anything too crazy two days out from my party. Also filter was backwashed after first night of slam as pressure was high. Pressure still in good range today.
2. I can see a little bit of dirt collected on the bottom. Better to vacuum up now with automatic vac or leave it be until water clears?
3. Should I add clarifier / whatever the stuff is that helps clump and sink particles? Or just be patient and let the slam do it’s thing?
4. Should I add more chlorine during the day to bring back up to 24 FC or wait until sun goes down?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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