Looking for advice about solar cover strap placement for kidney shaped pool.


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Jul 18, 2018
N. Central, ID
The old cover came with the pool had straps at the end of the pool connected along the edge of the cover (longer strap lengths when progressing along the curve of the kidney "lobe"). This position makes reeling up the cover difficult because the edges of the cover at the wide kidney lobes drag on the deck top rail as they encounter the narrower waist of the kidney shape AND at the narrowing point of the oval shape near the reel at the end of the pool. Every reel instruction manual that I've read recommends attaching the straps to the cover just inboard of a curved section for oval and round pools (straps are positioned across the very middle of a round pool.

What is the best strap position configuration for a kidney shape pool? If the straps are connected across the middle of one kidney lobe, at least that lobe wouldn't drag. On the other hand, maybe positioning the strap line across the waist of the kidney shape would work better too. The cover would drag at both lobes, but the interference would be not much more than an arm's reach from the reel crank during operation and repeated lifting and flattening of the cover could be done repeatedly as the cover is wound onto the reel. Unlike with end straps, the problematic sections would be nearby. However, if straps are installed across the waist of the kidney, the wider sections of the lobes would not have a strap pulling on them and all the pull would be in the middle 2/3rds of the width of the cover. Using longer straps for the outer positions to connect farther from the waist line would help, but it would be a messy strap installation!

The strap kit I got is really designed only for pool end / edge of cover placement, but I think I could make it work inboard on the cover too by using two strap snap cover plate connectors for each strap instead of a single cover plate per strap. (I'd place one cover plate underneath on one cover plate on top--both "unfolded.")

Reports of successful installations from kidney pool owners are most appreciated. When was this stupid shape popular anyway?

I might have to make and post some drawings. They would explain better than words, but I have a feeling that a kidney shaped pool owner who has dealt with this issue will know exactly what I'm talking about here anyway.
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Jul 18, 2018
N. Central, ID
Hmm...It just dawned on me that even a circular or oval shaped solar pool cover that's connected along an inboard strap line and not at the edge of the pool (straps on centerline for a circular pool for example) makes deployment of the cover almost certainly a two-person proposition. The cover winds onto the real from two directions at once, which I think could be accomplished single-handed, but to unroll it would require two people to pull the two parts of the cover off the reel in opposite directions. Maybe back-forth, back-forth, and repeat a bazillion times would work if alone, but it would be a lot of walking!

At least, when necessary, I've been able to single-handedly stow and deploy the old cover with the reel located at one end of the pool and the straps connected along the cover's edge. It's not fun, but I can do it.


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Oct 25, 2020
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Where did you get the solar cover from? I'm looking to do one but odd shape of the pool.
Any pictures from your installed?


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