Looking for a new pool in Toronto Canada for 2021 season - advice needed


Aug 2, 2020
Hi all,

I'm a newbie looking to install a pool in Toronto area and have few questions to those of you who are experienced:

1. Any preference for concrete vs fiberglass in cold weather in Canada? I personally prefer fiberglass because of its low maintenance quality.
2. What is the approximate cost for a basic install of a 35'x15' fiberglass pool in GTA area?
3. I also want to put in a 600 sqft pool house and a 20x20 pavillion outdoor kitchen & sitting area. This will get expensive. Should I do it at one go while installing the pool or install later?
4. Is it advisable to hire different contractor to do hardscaping and pool house and just let the pool company do this pool install and hookup?
5. Any recommendation of reputable pool installers?


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Lots of your questions are specific to your location.

Pool builders may be good at building pools. Hardscaping or building pool houses are often better done by other companies. A pool company often just adds their markup and subcontracts non-pool building tasks.

These may be helpful...

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