looking for a good salt water system for pool, and whole house water filter system


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Apr 6, 2017
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I've seen your post about EcoSmarte, and disappointed to know that the technology won't do an acceptable job sanitizing the pool like they would want us to believe. I am however interested in a pool with minimal chlorine. I detest chemicals in the environment, much less swimming in them. I guess a salt water pool would be the lesser of two evils. Could someone recommend a salt water system?
Also, looking for a whole house water system.

Thank you, 'mam


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Jul 7, 2014
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Welcome to TFP... A Great resource for all your pool related questions... :snorkle:

Keep in mind that a saltwater pool is a chlorine pool. The Saltwater Chlorine Generator (SWCG) just uses the salt in the pool to generate chlorine, which is used to sanitize the pool.

I love my saltwater pool. And following TFP's process, I do not have any chlorine smell like what you get at a public pool. You can't tell, except by testing, that there is chlorine in the water.

You really only have two choices.. swim in a well chlorinated and sanitized pool, or swim in stuff that is a lot worse than a little chlorine.

Do you currently have a pool or are you just looking to get one??

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Jim R.