Looking for a good Above Ground Pool Light Replacement.


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Apr 24, 2019
Hi, new to this forum.I live in Connecticut where our weather changes by the minute. One day it'll be 65 and I could be mowing the lawn and 4 hours later, I was plowing 8 inches of snow. No lie, this actually happened!
I currently have a Hayward sp056525 elite quartz pool light (Found Here). I had one for almost 20 years without any issues. The electrical finally went on it, so I had to replace it. I only used it 1 season and the lens broke (cracked) from water getting into the crevice of the lens and cracking it, causing my pool to drain. (See picture). The lens has a space between the center lens and the outer rim, which is about an inch deep. This is where the water stays in and freezes and expands and cracks. The light is in the middle of the wall, which is half way down the 4 ft wall. They drilled a hole in the liner and wall to attach it. Draining the pool below this light is not an option, as I"m on city water and it gets expensive to fill it. Pool LIght.PNG

My Question is: Is there a good pool light that can withstand the winter when I leave it in the pool?


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Aug 2, 2017
SE Kansas!
Welcome @Homeuser66,
I thought that only happened in KS?! lol

We're trying the intex magnetic light this year, but we won't be overwintering it, due to ease of removal.
Would that be a possibility?