Looking for a deeper turquoise (NOT blue) water color. Liner?? HELP??


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Jul 16, 2019
Harwich MA
HI: i have looked at so many vinyl liners, I am OUT OF MY MIND. I need to choose Latham/Plastimayd. First started looking at the tans ( of these colors: tan mosaic, gold pebble, and sand stone, which is deeper?) but many pics I saw looked too light and too green. Now looking at natural grey and grey mosaic. Which gives a deeper color and do they appear more teal or more blue? I am having such a hard time. The pictures below represent the color I really want but nothing seems to translate to Latham vinyls from pictures i’ve Seen on the internet. I would really appreciate some recommendations. Thank you!

Aarrgh cannot upload. But color i want is GLI product Durango vinyl liner


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Jun 27, 2017
Nashville, TN
We have a Stone Brook liner from GLI, no border. I did not want windex blue, nor did I want green...I wanted something in-between. Not surprisingly, the color changes throughout the day and with weather (sun vs clouds), and I love our choice. On a beautiful sunny day, it is a gorgeous color, slightly more blue than green. On cloudy days it is more of a dusky blue. The third picture on the GLI website looks very accurate in comparison to mine for a middle of the day, sunshine pic.