Looking for a 2 inch valve


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Dec 22, 2007
Central New York
Somewhere in my internet travels, I ran across a 2 inch valve that had positive stops. I think 32 stops, but not sure. It was a 2 inch ball valve. The positive stops were so the valve wouldn't "creep" open or close. I thought I bookmarked it, but I've been looking all day and can't find it. I think it was an online pool store; but not sure. Does it ring-a-bell with anyone?

Anyone have trouble with Jandy valves creeping open/closed?


Hotrod30 said:
Anyone have trouble with Jandy valves creeping open/closed?
Nope, which is why they are used in pool constrution more than ball valves.


Apr 26, 2008
Pentair makes one. Check out the site below.

"These valves are ideal for diverting, shuting-off, or mixing applications. The Teflon composite diverter seal requires no lubrication. Field-adjustable stops ensure precise positioning while simplifying use, and the extra-wide diverter offers superior sealing when used with valve actuators."

http://www.westsidewholesale.com/index. ... 21&back=16