Looking at buying a Polaris 360, question is pump will be able to run it.

May 5, 2016
Huntsville Alabama
Hey all,

The wife and I are just opened our pool up for the first time after getting our house this past winter. The previous owners did not take good care of the pool so we're playing a little bit of catch up with getting the pool up and running. We're looking at getting a pressure side cleaner to aid with the large amount of leaves/debris at the bottom of the pool. We're looking at the Polaris 360 but wanted to make sure our pump can run it. Specs listed below.


~13,000 gal rectangle in-ground pool
Vinyl Pool Liner
A.O. Smith SQ1102 1 HP Pool Motor (Don't remember the pump specs off the top of my head, can update after work if needed)
Dedicated return port for suction cleaner
No booster pump at this time.
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Apr 4, 2007
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You don't want to rely on a cleaner to deal with a large amount of leaves and debris. It will require frequent cleaning of your leaf trap or debris bag and larger debris tends to clog the opening of the cleaner.

Start with a pool leaf rake to get the majority out and then start with the cleaner.

A Polaris 360 is a pressure side cleaner, so you need to verify whether your cleaner is pressure or suction.
May 5, 2016
Huntsville Alabama
Whoops! I apologize for the confusion. We were told by our pool inspection company that we have a dedicated return for a cleaner so I'm guessing we'd need the pressure side cleaner. We do have a rake so we'll get a majority of the large stuff out this weekend before purchasing.