looking at a house with fiberglass pool


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Apr 4, 2007
Livermore, CA
Hi all,
We're looking at a house with an existing fiberglass pool that has a 6-8" crack from the coping down to the waterline. All of my past and current pools have been gunite, so I have no experience at all with fiberglass.

We think the pool is roughly 25 years old, and apparently the crack has been there (and not growing) for the ~18 years the current owner has lived there.

What do I need to know and what would we need to do?


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I couldn't say for sure how long they last in general. As long as they are structurally sound, I don't see an expiration date. There might be cosmetic changes over time, but they don't just wear out. But your crack is certainly a substantial one. Good thing it's above the waterline. Even though the sellers (or someone) is saying it hasn't budged in almost 20 years, I would consider having it looked at by a FB professional just to make sure there is't something happening behind/below that could make it worse later.