Longtime TFP learner. First time posting.


Dec 23, 2019
Ventura County CA
Thanks to this great site I have been able to adjust and maintain my pool for the last five years, including a bought with mustard algae that the SLAM method helped me overcome. I am currently facing some copper staining and high calcium levels, so I'm preparing to plumb a bypass to eliminate a 1960s heater and hopefully treat the stain and dump the water for a fresh start. My pool was replastereed roughly 10 years ago and other than the recently building stains it is in pretty good shape. I have a newer DE filter and I recently installed a variable speed pump. It has 1-1/2 in copper lines underground from the original 1960s install. 20,000 gallons and the pool is shaped like a big triangle with rounded corners. Look forward to starting a discussion on how to proceed. Merry Christmas /happy holidays