Long time marauder, but now new member

May 8, 2018
I have found very useful information within this forum and was able to repair my Hayward H400 heater for under $100.00 with advice from the threads found by the TFP community. I was in the pool construction industry briefly more than a decade ago and have a good understanding of the industry and the trades; however, this industry is not static and technological advancements continue to evolve.

My first pool was the classic 70's gunite kidney with spa and diving board and the dreaded pea–gravel decking. This was also chlorine managed sanitation with a DE filter. While DE filters are the better system, I can certainly attest to the ease of maintenance with the Cartridge filter system.

That leads me to the current pool which was built in 2004. We have a 19,500 gallon freeform plaster pool/spa combination with Aqua Logic automation, Hayward H400 gas heater, Hayward T–Cell–15 salt cell sanitation (40,000 gallon), Hayward C4025 cartridge filtration, Pentair Racer pressure side cleaner as well as three descents from a tiered raised wall. Separate pumps for the pool, cleaner and descents as you would expect. The booster pump is the only Polaris product on our system. Lights are Pentair SAM & SAL color wheel (will replace these with LED when resurfacing the pool).

I registered with this forum when my brother and sister–in–law were building a pool at their home in Pennsylvania, because my brother asked me a direct question about pricing diamond bright application. As I told him this was regional (I’m in TEXAS and HE’S IN PA) that application and material costs vary.