Little to no CYA, do I add or wait?


Aug 4, 2016
Midlothian TX
Still getting used to this stuff. I've been adding liquid chlorine instead of using the pucks as i was trying to avoid CYA. But doing the dot test from my kit, I'm not sure I have any CYA or at least I can fill up the tube and still see the black dot.

Should I buy a bucket of tabs for use to add chlorine and also this will up my CYA levels?
do I not worry about it, water is clear and right now adding about .5 gallon per week of 10% liquid.
Do I need to wait until it gets warmer and then start thinking about my CYA level?

Thanks all for the help


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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Add at least 30 ppm of dry stabilizer now using the sock method.

You need CYA in your pool to protect the chlorine. Otherwise you will not find out you needed CYA until you see an algae problem and then it is a lot more work. Do it now.
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