Little introduction from a new pool owner


Sep 30, 2019
Costa Blanca, Spain
Happy new year everybody!

My name is Dominique and living in Spain.
Thank you Leebo for your message in September last year. I will go through it again as I had to go back to work.
Slowly I will get there!!

In September I started reading about maintaining your own pool and somehow, I ended on this website.
Really enjoyed reading all the information I found on the website.

Bought a house with pool in October last year. Below some information about the pool which also should be shown in my signature.

Rectangular 4.6m x 9.5m (15ft x 31ft), 62000 Liters (16378 Gallon US), Plaster, Pump: Astrapool Victoria 1,05kW (1,4hp), HR sand filter: Astrapool Berlin, Test kit: Taylor K-2006 + LaMotte insta test Borate


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Jul 7, 2014
Bedford, TX

Welcome to TFP... a great place to learn all about how to care for your new-to-you pool.. :shark:

Thanks for the Intro and good job on your signature. All you need to do now is float on over to one of our subject-orientated Sub-forums and start asking any questions you might have..

Jim R.
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